With one of my daughters sharing ideas about girls and STEM on NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin.

MAA MathValues is my current blog. I write and serve as an editor.

Grandma got STEM was my first blog. The point was to get people to reconsider the idea that if you want to imagine a STEM novice, you should think of your grandmother. It went viral for a short time when it was featured on boingboing and Slate. My favorite thing about this project was all of the family conversations it prompted. A special treat was getting to be on Michele Martin’s radio show Tell Me More on NPR with one of my daughters.

Tenure She Wrote is a blog I contributed to for two years. All contributions are made under pseudonyms.

American Scientist and Macroscope
Katie Burke taught me how fabulous it can be to work with an editor. She invited me to write these pieces:
5 Reasons to Teach Mathematical Modeling
Postdoc Mentorship can Launch Careers
Internships Connect Math Students to New Math Careers
and the full-length article Postdoc Mentorship can Launch Careers.

The MAA Teaching Tidbits blog ran for two years while the MAA Instructional Practices Guide was still in development. Lew Ludwig and I served as co-editors-in-chief. The idea was to suggests some ways for people to get started with evidence-based practices.