With one of my daughters sharing ideas from my blog about girls and STEM on NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin.

I have been a featured writer and editor for MathValues from 2018-2020.

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Katie Burke taught me how fabulous it can be to work with an editor and invited me to write these pieces for American Scientist:
5 Reasons to Teach Mathematical Modeling
Postdoc Mentorship can Launch Careers
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and the full-length article Postdoc Mentorship can Launch Careers.

The MAA Teaching Tidbits blog ran for two years while the MAA Instructional Practices Guide was still in development. Lew Ludwig and I served as co-editors-in-chief. The idea was to suggests some ways for people to get started with evidence-based practices. These were our 5 most popular posts:

Grandma got STEM was my first blog. The point was to get people to reconsider the idea that if you want to imagine a STEM novice, you should think of your grandmother. It went viral for a short time when it was featured on boingboing and Slate. My favorite thing about this project was all of the family conversations it prompted. A special treat was getting to be on Michele Martin’s radio show Tell Me More on NPR with one of my daughters.

I contributed to the blog Tenure She Wrote for two years. All contributions are made under pseudonyms.