Below find examples of the kinds of talks/workshops I have been giving recently.

Mathematical Modeling from Kindergarten to Industry
This interactive presentation makes the argument that we can teach mathematical modeling (not just models) throughout a student’s education. It highlights ways that mathematical modeling can connect people with mathematics and inspire more mathematics engagement. This work is informed by research with Kindergarten teacher Robyn Stankiewicz-Van Der Zanden and mathematics education researcher Stacy Brown, my experience teaching modeling from 5th grade to graduate school, industrial mathematics experience, and work as a professional development facilitator for teachers.

Press Communication Workshops for Faculty and Administrators
I have developed press communication workshops with radio and podcast host Flora Lichtman. In these active workshops, participants learn to hone their stories, select communication modes and start building their press toolkits. This workshop has been presented at conferences for APS, SICB, SIAM, AMS-MAA JMM and for faculty at RIT. Here’s liveblogging from our recent workshops called How to Talk about Math so People Want to Listen by @yenergy.

Department Chair Workshops – Transformative Leadership
As Associate Dean for Faculty Development at Harvey Mudd College, I developed the first Claremont Colleges Department Chair Workshop. This all-day workshop brought together new and experienced department chairs from the five undergraduate Claremont colleges to discuss case studies and build a support network that was sustained throughout the year at monthly breakfasts or teas. The materials have been adapted for use at other institutions.

Adventures in Fluid Mechanics through Photography
This lecture for a general audience connects ideas from Algebra and Calculus to my fluid mechanics research through photographs taken by undergraduates in a course I co-taught with photographer Ken Fandell. The lecture includes potential for demonstrations and audience participation as well as a companion participatory maker session.